Creating Sustainable Value for Society

CSV seeks to work with business, government and civil society to build green skills for an economy that is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.  Central to this offering is the recognition that building both the supply of and the demand for green skills will require systemic change in the provision of training and a deeper commitment to building a sustainable economy at multiple levels.

Key service offerings:

  • Research into the supply and demand sides of green skills
  • Research into economic models such as the circular economy that have the potential to create sustainable value and thus create sustainable jobs
  • Strategy development with government, civil society organisations and business to enhance green skills development and the green economy potential
  • Implementation and continual improvement tools and processes for green skills development and green economy development
  • Formative and summative evaluation of green skills development and green economy initiatives

By locating skills development within the higher education and training frameworks and focussing on workplace based learnerships and accredited training, CSV provides a comprehensive service offering for businesses, government institutions and civil society organisations committed to building green skills, creating green jobs and expanding the green economy.

Compass Human Resources

Other services offered:

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