Creating Sustainable Value for Business

CSV offers a range of premium services to support businesses to create sustainable value throughout their supply chain.  Central to this offering is the recognition that to break deeply entrenched, unsustainable patterns requires powerful learning processes that lead to individual and collaborative action and transformation.

Key service offerings:

  • Board and Exco level strategic processes aimed at creating sustainable value for your business
  • Building a shared commitment across the business that focuses on the creation of sustainable value
  • Empowering individuals and units within the business to increase value, reduce waste and respect people and the environment in all they do
  • Embed within the business a continual improvement ethos that creates sustainable value throughout the supply chain

By drawing on quality enhancement processes such as Lean Production and linking these to emerging and innovative initiatives such as the circular economy, CSV supports businesses to mitigate social and environmental risk, to build their reputation, to integrate cleaner technologies into their operations and ultimately to create sustainable business opportunities.

Learn and Lead
competitive advantage

Other Services offered:

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